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Wretched Earth Revalations 13:9 — Now Available !

Gutter Water Music is proud to present Wretched Earth “Revelations 13:9″. Revelations was written and recorded at the end of the GW  presidency and was meant to drop at that time. But through a series of mishaps (hard drives crashing, re-locations, arrests and unfortunate events) the albums release kept getting pushed back. Now is the time for the rap-sure, the end is here and Revelations 13:9 has arrived. Let every man with an ear hear.   Warning: W.E. does...

122112 The final Collection ( End of the world Mixtape) with DJ Zero One

Those Mayans !!  This is a collection of music recorded with-in the last 5 years at multiple home studios from ProTools to 4 tracks mixed by DJ Zero One . Some of the music is unmixed , Remixed , sh*t mixed or just mixed up. This the final collection from Zero and myself befor we enter the new age rising upon the horizon of our adveture into the space and time distortion. Producers featured on this project are J...

Family & Music the album Now Available !!

What up everyone I’m proud of this one !  This is an assortment of Music we did over the past 6 years . Recorded on everything from a 8 track to a PC . Both artists being fathers and husbands meeting up in the studio late at night aswell as working in thier home lab set ups decided to name the project FAMILY and MUSIC . Beats are all made by J Dankworth known in LA for for classic...

Guts and Garbage : A collection of Sh*t

Castor Pollux Dilapidated district and Dysposable Heores presents… Guts and Garbage: A collection of Sh*t Release Date: 6/18/2008 Tracks: 1. The Greeting 2. Grassroots 3. 1979 4. Stand your ground Feat. Jen Raye 5. Tres Hermanos Feat: Hochii & KB 6. Underdogg 7. Be Warned 8. Enegy U Feat: Vital Emcee 9. The Sing-a-long 10. No Coincedence feat: Jen Raye 11. Formless Form Feat: Oddity 12. Dark Sided Place 13. Evaporated Feat DJ Zoo 14. Absent Minded Perfection 15. Last...

In the Name of the Father

Ariano and Castor Pollux Present : In the Name of the Father Release Date: 3/01/2009 Tracks: 1. In the Name of the Father 2. Is this the way Feat: LD 3. Half Friend Feat DJ Zero One 4. Gettin’ Easier 5. Bigger Feat DJ Zero One 6. Misunderstood Feat : the Lost art 7. Find our way Feat LD 8. Keep Searchin Feat: Oddity 9. Long Time Leavin Feat: 2mex & Life Rexall 10. Keep OnMarching

The Messengers Crew – M.S.N.G.R.S.

The Messengers Crew M.S.N.G.R.S. Release Date: 4/20/2005 Tracks: 1. MSNGRS intro 2. Two Bastards 3. Easy Evil 4. Hip Hop 5. Trust 6. Something in the air 7. Sentinel 8. Purgatory feat. Oddity 9. Porcalin dolls 10. Sacred

New !!! Old Music – Mind Body and Soul (1999)

Posted 14 Feb 2015 in Blog

This is a song i did around 1999 think . i guess really the first song i wrote ever . My man Fat played keys while i recorded my verse to match the energy of my delivery . We were a group called Dalapadated District . I’m here to create and that is my success . To be able to create my own music and perform it is a true blessing thanks world !!!!

New Music ” Krackin’ Skullz ” from over the Pond with DRAY YARD and some help from Local friends

Posted 17 Nov 2014 in Blog

Produced by Dray Yard out of Belarus Featuring Myself ,  Awax (Rhythm Writers) Thoughtsarizen (Technicali) with Cuts by Zulu king DJ Marc Luv !

New Music ” Scionic ” with Thoughtsarizen and some of Hip Hops best !!!

Posted 16 Apr 2014 in Blog

Thoughtsarizen “Scionic ” featuring Akrobatik, Akil (J5) ,Castor Pollux, Killah Priest, DL Incognito LDonthecut   Is there need for a comment ……..    

New Music ” State of the union” with Prominent Sons

Posted 16 Apr 2014 in Blog

Prominent Sons “State of the union” featuring Castor Pollux I’ve known the cats from PS for a while now . Rocking shows with them all over Long Beach and So. Ca. for the past decade . J hit me up with this idea and a week or so later I recorded over at Ice Cave studios Off the album “RISE AND SHINE ” Available here      

New Music “Business as usual” with Parallel

Posted 16 Apr 2014 in Blog

Parallel featuring Castor Pollux  –  Business as usual I’ve known the cats from Parallel over a cool decade was stoked when Hyphen hit me up to drop this joint with them “No More Secrets”: The new album by Parallel… Coming Soon! |      

New Music from the #FAM Team and Yams from Woodman Apparel

Posted 11 Apr 2014 in Albums

  This album is a collaboration between Yams (Production) from Woodman Clothing Company , Castor Pollux (MC) and J.Dankworth (Production) known for their release last year Family and Music  ! All 3 of these artists come to give an updated throwback vibe with honest lyrics and beautifully sliced samples over classic drum beats . Enjoy SD,OC,LA……… Go check out some gear from Woodman    

Cas goes ” FULL THROTTLE ” with Rice Master Yen once again! (Officail Video)

Posted 10 Jan 2014 in Blog

Following up there 1st video collab ” Love Letters ” Rice Master Yen and Cas go in with another one . In this song Cas has provides smooth bars delivered over a very  melodic addictive piano sample from Rice Master . Please enjoy this video , and thank you for the support !! FULL THROTTLE What some blogs are saying about the video : Ghetto Manga Word is Bond Run this Game    

New Video !! Castor Pollux – Love Letters

Posted 15 Oct 2013 in Blog

At it again,Castor Pollux has released a new song and video on YouTube . The song entitled ” Love Letters ” is a laid back track with honest lyrics about relationships,loyalty and companionship . The beat made by German beat maker Rice Master Yen with easy but heavy drums and a monster piano sample that grabs the emcees pen .With lines like ” Love , it’s an unsung hero ,got a plate a food or a shoulder and a ear yo just to listen to- you know the honesty I never told no one this you gotta promise me ” . Writing from real places in his heart Cas hits even some hardest of hard rocks right in the...


Posted 04 Oct 2013 in Blog

Moonlight is a funk hip hop tune ft. rapper and dad Castor Pollux. Written by Castor, this is actually a remix of his tune Daddy’s got Lyrics off the ” Family and Music” album. It features recordings of Castor’s sons on da mic. Also cuts of DJ Zero One on the decks. Check out more of his solo stuff here : Art design by Myles Away.    

NEW RELEASE FROM Cas and J. Mass called ” The Hasbeen ” Now Available !!!

Posted 31 Aug 2013 in Blog

Garden Grove, CA – August 29, 2013 – Every once in while a song comes along that is so honest and upfront that it is painfully funny to listen to, and Southern California veteran MC Castor Pollux latest release really invokes that. The joint is called “The Hasbeen”, and the name says it all. His up front, comical lyrics talking about the pains of coming up as an MC seem to paint a vivid picture, with lines like “ good advice on how to do bad business, and lose some friendships that music ended”, this ‘has been’ MC really has hit his stride in his latest release, ironically. With over 10 years in the game, over 100+ shows played,...

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